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Residential IT Services in Miami

Residential IT ServicesResidential IT Services. We Offer Personalized Service by Friendly And Experienced Technicians.
Computer Repair and Support
Your life is complicated enough, let 123 Techs handle your complex IT needs. Give us a call and we can discuss what immediate and long-term options are best for your situation.
123 Techs offers a variety of IT support nationwide because we understand your issues are important to you.

Skilled technicians can be immediately dispatched to assist you with the following complex issues:

– Wireless Router & Firewall Configuration and Troubleshooting
– Reliable Data Backup Services & Solutions
– Technical support
– Computer repair and support
– Virus scans and malware removal
– Defragmenting and cleaning up hard drives
– Upgrading operating systems
– Email configuration
– Installing the software on PCs, desktops, and Macs
– Addressing printer and scanner issues
– Network Performance Troubleshooting

Your daily life relies on your technology. Our Techs takes the aggravation, expense and lengthy repair wait times out of the picture. Get back up and running fast, with customized technology solutions that grow with your needs.

Why Choose Our Residential IT Services?

– Our trusted, certified, background-checked Nerds will come right to your door.
– We support PCs, Apple products, printers, wireless networks and more!
– Our Nerds love technology and they enjoy making it more efficient and effective for you.
– We are always upfront about our pricing, giving you the peace of mind you deserve.

123 PC Techs provides outstanding in-home computer and technology repair services for residential computer users and on-site technology solutions for small businesses through its network of franchises. When we say outstanding, we mean the best white-glove service in the business — guaranteed.

From the moment our tech arrives at your door, you’ll not only get patience and understanding but also the most reliable technology expertise in the country. 123 PC Techs instills passion, creativity, and integrity into each and every customer engagement. We solve your technical problems efficiently and leave you brimming with satisfaction when we’re done.

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